Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Dinosaurs at Crystal Palace Park

One of the coolest things about our new neighbourhood is that it has dinosaurs.  Well, dinosaurs and extinct mammals to be exact.  The sculptures live in Crystal Palace Park (a mere five minute walk from our flat!) and were commissioned in 1852 and unveiled in 1854.  I had no idea they were that old until I looked them up!  They were apparently the first dinosaur sculptures in the world.  They are absolutely awesome to see in person!

Charlie hasn't shown much interest in them yet, but my friend Holly's four-year-old twins loved them!

On a side note, Holly and I are a Facebook success story.  We were introduced via Facebook by my old voice teacher, William Sharp, who had heard Holly sing and was quite impressed.  When he heard she was moving to the UK, he wrote me and suggested we get in contact.  Other than being moms, cloth diaperers and Americans living abroad, we also both have a connection to Washington state!  She and her husband and adorable twins live on Vashon Island.  We had loads to talk about!  

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