Monday, 7 May 2012

Cinco de Mayo (or Cute Pics of Charlie and Emily)

Jason and I decided to host a Cinco de Mayo party this weekend.  Since many of our friends were out of town (it is a three day weekend here!) we ended up with only one other couple, but it was definitely a case of quality over quantity.  ;)

My friend Mary, her husband Rob and Charlie's best bud, Emily Bemily (or as Charlie calls her, "Emma") joined us for a casual dinner.  Jason didn't end up making his famous tortillas, but opted for enchiladas instead.  Mary and Rob brought over Corona (a specialty beer in these parts . . . ) and we noshed on some super yummy guacamole.  Despite good food and good company, the highlight was our two little ladies.  Though there was a bit of fighting over toys there was also quite a bit of adorableness.  Let's start with a portrait of Charlie in her Mexican Fiesta top:

Charlie plays with Rob (her new favourite person in the world) while Emily laughs in the background:

Emily is six months older than Charlie and is able to speak much more than Charlie does.  While they were eating at their little person table, Charlie kept getting up to play.  Emily, quite distressed, would tell her, "Sit, Char.  Eat, Char."  In the photo below, she's holding out Charlotte's spoon to her asking her to come back and eat.  Once she finally did, Emily fed her some ice cream.  The cuteness was hardly bearable!

Later that evening the girls took a bath together.  Charlie was so pumped up from all the ice cream Emily made her eat that she basically laughed the entire time.  She kept trying to crawl over poor Emily and thought it was just about the funniest thing ever:

 Even when she wasn't crawling over her, she wouldn't entirely leave her alone:

After bath time, the girls wanted to read some books.  Charlie went to bed absolutely exhausted and I'm sure Emily did, too!


  1. The Baby Catalog! One of my baby girl's favorites!

  2. Charlie is absolutely obsessed with that book! We've been reading it at least ten times a day!!


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