Friday, 4 May 2012

Crystal Palace Park Zoo

While we were out hanging with the dinosaurs the other day, we wandered by the Crystal Palace Park Zoo.  It is quite small, but definitely someplace I can see us going back to time and time again.  Especially because they have baby lambs!   

Oh!  The cuteness!  

And ponies!!


The goats were also nice:


The zoo appears to be open every day except for Wednesdays, so I think Charlie and I may head there again sometime soon!  Although, it was hard to tell exactly what she thought of the place, given that her expression was this nearly the entire time:

What a profile!

On a side note, the farm is a part of Capel Manor College which seems to specialise in horticulture.  They had lots of beautiful gardens for us to admire:

They had some interesting species.  What the heck are these?:

I have to say that the parks in London are all so wonderful, but I think the Crystal Palace Park may rival even the best of the best in terms of entertainment for children.  Between the dinosaurs, zoo, great play area, cafe, open fields for running and a fantastic One O'clock Club (an inside play-area for little kids full of toys, books, etc.), I'm surprised we aren't there every day!


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