Monday, 23 January 2012

We're Moving!

As much as we've enjoyed living in Clapham, we have been a bit disappointed with our flat here.  We have had problem after problem with the flat itself (electrical issues, warped floors, mould . . . ) and other issues with the neighbours (unsavory characters) and neighbourhood (it is an area of Clapham better appreciated by young twenty-somethings looking to party and not the "Yummy Mummy/Nappy Valley" area that attracted us to Clapham in the first place).  We have been happy here despite the problems, but we are THRILLED to be moving to the London neighbourhood of Crystal Palace next month.

Our flat comprises the entire ground floor (our windows are on either side of the front door).

Crystal Palace is a southeast neighbourhood of London that got its name from an actual crystal palace that was built there in 1851 (more on that here).  The palace burned down in 1936, but the name stuck.  Our new flat is right near the overground train station (as opposed to the tube) that zips Jason right up to London Bridge where he works.  It is still an easy trip to get into town, yet the neighbourhood is very quiet and more family orientated than our current one.

We were originally looking in Dulwich and Blackheath/Greenwich, but we didn't love any of the flats we viewed there.  We were gobsmacked when we walked into this particular Crystal Palace flat because of the incredibly high ceilings and absolutely enormous rooms!  An extra special draw was that the kitchen was, by far, the nicest kitchen we had seen in any London flat.  Another huge draw is that our friends Mary and Rob and their daughter Emily have just bought a (gorgeous) house not far from our flat.  They move only a few weeks before we do.  :D

Here is a pic of the kitchen with the previous tenant's items:

We've upgraded to a MUCH larger space with granite counters, a dishwasher (finally!) and even a microwave (which we've been living without).

<><><><>Here are a few pics I took with my iPhone when we toured the flat (FYI, the couches in the living room are being removed before we move in:

our bedroom

still our bedroom
Charlie's room

the living room (it is actually MUCH larger in real life)
more living room
We move the day before Valentine's Day (how romantic!), but there is a lot to do before then.  We still have to find Charlotte a new nursery, pack our things, hire movers, and I need to start advertising my voice lessons in the new neighbourhood!  Ack!  What am I doing writing blog posts when there is so much to be done!

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  1. That looks super nice. Can't wait to see it!


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