Tuesday, 10 January 2012

More Cousins

We've spent the last few days with Jason's stepbrother and his family in Denver, CO.  They live in a gorgeous (and spacious!) house here with their two daughters Susie (8 months old) and Maggie (3 years old).  Even though Susie and Charlie are only four months apart, Charlie was more interested in following Maggie around.  Although, I'm sure that will change by next time we see them!  

Here are some pictures from our visit:

Susie and Maggie

Charlie is going to miss all their great toys!

Charlie learned a lot of new play skills from watching Maggie play.


What a sweet face!  

The girls went on a walk with the dads which allowed time for Jenn and me to work on refreshing our cloth diapers.  THANK YOU JENN!!  

Ready for a chilly walk.


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  1. These photos can not be more adorable.

    Minted Magazine



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