Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Marmite Project

Behold, an unwitting American eats Marmite for the first time (and then tries to feed it to her husband):

See our other Marmite videos here!


  1. Ahh!!! Molly!

    I love this videos!!

  2. I'll have to check out the video when Emma's not napping, but I gotta tell of our physicians brought back marmite as part of his australian trip and we had it in our office for several weeks...since we are always the 'go-to' office for food (patients are always bringing us food or someone bakes something to share) we had literally dozens of staff wandering in to try marmite with some hilarious results...quite a few would just take a whiff and say 'no thanks'. It provided good entertainment for all!

    Brilliant idea, your Marmite Project. :)

  3. I've actually started a new blog for the project: They always make me laugh! And I actually really like it. I regularly eat Marmite on toast for a snack.


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