Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Good thing we bought that travel health insurance . . .

She's totally fine now, but last night we took Charlotte to the emergency room.  She had a fever the day before yesterday and then spent yesterday with a high fever as well.  She was cranky and needy and just not herself.  We eventually borrowed a baby thermometer from Jason's brother (you know, that kind of thermometer) and her temperature was 104.  She was also make some funny jerking motions when she was sleeping and I was starting to worry that they were little seizures due to the high fever.  Given that Jason has had a few seizures, we didn't want to risk anything so we headed over to urgent care.  We got there and they sent us right over to the emergency room.  

We were all grateful we remembered to bring Cookie Monster.

To make a long story short, Charlotte had an ear infection (and possibly other infections).  They were able to get her temperature down and then gave her a shot of antibiotics in her leg (along with a prescription for amoxicillin).  By the time we were ready to head home, she was feeling MUCH better:

playing with the iPad on the way home


  1. poor baby! glad she's on the mend :)

  2. Nothing's worse than when your kids are sick! Fantastic how Charlotte bounced back so quickly!

  3. It's certainly important to be properly insured when travelling, especially if you're making frequent trips abroad throughout the year. You may regard it as an added expense or a luxury but you sure be glad it's there when you do need it.


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