Friday, 2 March 2012

Sunday morning at the park

Now that we live a bus ride away from our church we have to plan our morning around our bus trips into Clapham.  The ride isn't so bad, but it does take more organising on Sunday morning.  

I lead a women's chant choir at St Mary's and have to be there for our 10:30 rehearsal.  Jason and Charlotte usually just arrive in time for Mass, but they decided to leave earlier than usual this last Sunday in order to get some playtime at the park beforehand.  Although, Charlotte didn't look too energetic on the way there:


Luckily, she perked up once they arrived:


Though she's developed a fear of swinging (?!) she does still love the slide:

Seriously, folks.  What is cuter than this?!


  1. It looks like Charlie is going to retain her title of Princess Clapham.

  2. Oh my, Charlotte looks so adorable in that white jacket! I sometimes take my two-year old nephew Brad to the park after attending Sunday service. Seeing him have fun with other kids his age is priceless.


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