Friday, 16 March 2012


This post is about one of the two things Bethie says that Charlie and I do while she's away (the other one is eat oatmeal, which requires no blog post).

We have several nice parks in our new neighbourhood:  the large Crystal Palace Park, a smaller park that has a lake, and Westow Park, which is pleasant if small.  It's also just behind the Sainsbury's, so it's a convenient place to stop as part of a trip to the grocery.

The most important part of Westow Park is the disproportionately large playground (and there seem to be plans to make it bigger and better).  As we approach, Charlie starts to happily fuss around in her pushchair, chatting and smiling with excitement.  When she gets out of the pram, she stands still, taking in the scene.  When she decides to start playing, she usually walks toward the toys and other kids with a loud, "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" in a consistent tone.  She'll do it for ten seconds or so.  Just letting everyone know she's there.

Last Saturday, she was bold enough to climb up the steps of one of the toys.  She would either crawl through the tunnel or slide down the slide, with my help.  Yesterday, though, she figured the whole thing out for herself:

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