Wednesday, 28 March 2012

One Year in London

One year ago today Jason, Charlotte and I moved to London.  Things were so stressful in the days before the move:  I had a lot of concerts leading up to the big day, we had to sell our house, our car and many of our belongings, we said goodbye to our cats, said goodbye to our friends, oh, and we had a newborn baby to care for!  We had no furniture in our house for the last few weeks we lived there (our things wouldn't arrive in London for another two months . . . ) and we moved in with friends for the last week.  It was absolute craziness.  

Even in the midst of all the craziness, however, our decision to move felt like the right one.  We were never in love with DC and we wanted to do something fun and adventurous!  The following print (which I plan to order for the house) sums things up how we feel quite nicely:

And it has been a great adventure so far.  There are certainly people and things we miss, but we're making it work.  Between Skype and our fantastic international phone plan (thanks, O2!) we are in regular contact with our loved ones and all the things we left behind are slowly being replaced by other things.  We have just moved into an amazingly gorgeous new flat and are enjoying spending time with our new friends and exploring our lovely city.

I can't believe it has been an entire year.  I still catch myself telling people that we've "just moved here" but that really isn't true anymore!

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