Wednesday, 25 May 2011

SHE (finally) ROLLED OVER!!

Charlotte and I were enjoying our morning ritual of earl gray, Wheatabix, and BBC channel 1 when, out of nowhere, she rolled over! She was happily playing on her playmat (thanks Aunt Annie!) and rolled from her back to her stomach. I hopped up off the couch and ran over to her and made a huge fuss. She got so excited that she rolled back over before I could get a picture!

Jason and I are happy that she has finally reached her first mobility milestone. Even though she was a bit behind on this one (many babies first roll over as early as two months) we're not fazed. She'll probably be walking before we know it!

Since I failed to get a picture of the big roll, here is a picture of Charlie enjoying some tummy time a few weeks ago:

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