Thursday, 26 May 2011

Happy Five Months, Charlie!

How time flies. In some ways it feels like Our Little Loveday just arrived, and in some ways it feels like she's always been a part of our lives. Yet, it was only five short months ago that we were anxiously awaiting her arrival in far away Maryland.

Here is what Charlie is up to these days:

-She is mostly sleeping through the night, but still wakes up every now and then in need of some comfort, her dummy (that's what they call a pacifier here) and sometimes in need of a snack.

-She gets up for the day as early as 4:30 (ack!) but sometimes surprises us and sleeps until 7:00.

-She loves to be tickled.

-She still shows no interest in eating solid foods (although we're already looking into making our own baby rice cereal and other beginner foods!).

-She is an extremely easy going and happy baby. She'll smile at anyone and will let anyone hold her.

-Her hair is coming in a bit more. She has one particularly long hair in the back that is ahead of the game.

-She now cuddles her pink Snuggle Bear at nap time. It is unbelievably cute. (FYI, I first wrote "unbearably cute" and then deleted it. You're welcome.)

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