Friday, 27 May 2011

And the winner is . . .

There were so many great submissions for our caption contest! It was hard work, but we narrowed it down to three:

  1. "...Early Roman baby butt-wipers are very rare on the continent yet it seems that nearly every English village has a working example -which may explain the typical Briton"s weakness for potty humor..!" -Anonymous

  2. "Ponce De Leon Vindicated: American Couple Discover Fountain of Youth" -Molly

  3. "Lady Cuthbert's 17th century statue of the Great Baby of Sandringham, praised for its realism, regained its burnish after recent revitalization." -David/Anna

The first was an anonymous entry that no one stepped up to claim, so we took it out of the running. Then we flipped a coin between the remaining entries. And the winner is . . .


Here is the official product:

Congrats Moo. Thanks for making some sense out of that bizarre picture.

Now let's get to the good part: the chocolate.

Molly will be receiving five English chocolate candies. Here is a description of each one:

Starbar: "a chewy cosmos of peanuts & caramel"

Maltesers: "chocolates with crisp, light honeycombed centre"

Double Decker: "Cadbury milk chocolate with a soft, chewy nougat top & crunchy cereal bottom"

Crunchie: "milk chocolate with golden honeycombed centre"

Yorkie: "it's not for girls"

Yes, that really is the description:

Looks like she'll have to give that one to her husband.

Thank you all for your hysterical submissions; you all had me laughing out loud! And don't despair, I promise we'll do another chocolate contest in the future. :)

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