Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Our Shipping Container Arrives on Friday!

It has been almost two months since the movers came to pack up our belongings. We had a few weeks without furniture in DC and have spent well over a month in London without furniture. It is hard to believe we will have all of our things in one place in just a handful of days!

We didn't ship very much furniture, but are very much looking forward to receiving the few items that are on their way. Jason and I agreed that we are both most looking forward to our rug. Wood floors are lovely, but a rug really makes a room feel so much more homey (or homely as they say here!).

The only items we shipped in this photo are the rocking chair, rug and large picture on the wall.

We're also anxious to get Charlotte's crib up and running! She's been sleeping in our bed or in a little travel cot that a friend lent us. The changing table will also be a welcome addition:

As part of the moving service, they will move all of our things into their designated rooms, unwrap all of our furniture, unpack everything onto flat surfaces, and remove all of the boxes. We will have a lot of work ahead of us to get the house into a livable condition, but we are looking forward to it! I'll be sure to post pics of the chaos once the movers arrive.

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