Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Living Room (In Progress!)

Here are a few shots of our living room. We are still not completely unpacked and organized yet, so I am reluctant to shoot the rest of the house. The living room is in decent order though. Given that it is less than three weeks since our things arrived and given that most of the unpacking is done when Charlotte doesn't need our attention, we're pretty happy with our progress. We still have a few items left to purchase, but the place is well on its way to being a comfortable home for us. Here is a little tour of how things are looking:

We will eventually get a desk to go in the back left corner behind the couch (see the arrow?). We have also ordered a beautiful blue chair to go where the computer currently lives (see the other arrow?).

Here is our chair. It won't arrive for another five weeks or so, but we're hoping it will be worth the wait!

This is our makeshift computer area until we find a desk. This area will eventually be home to the blue chair.

To the right of the makeshift computer area is a great big bookcase. We still need to find homes for all the items currently living on the top of the bookcase and we need to purchase some storage baskets for that middle row of shelves.

I was happy to get most of our books and knick-knacks displayed on the top two rows of squares. Here is a closeup of a couple of the squares:

We still need to find a good way to hang the super heavy framed picture you see below. We're hoping it will be up soon!

This is our sweet little backyard. We'd love to get a cute little dining set for out there, but it is pretty low on our list at this point. Charlotte spends a lot of time gazing out the windows and we love having our own private outdoor space to relax in. We have so many windows that it feels like it is part of the living room!

So there you are. There is still a lot to be done, but we're happy with the progress so far.

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