Thursday, 19 May 2011

What we've learned so far (part 2)

-Branston "pickle" is my new favorite condiment.

-Apparently you can drink in public. Go to your fridge and get a beer and go on a walk.

-Cookies are cookies if they are flat, round and full of chips, nuts
and what have you. Any other cookie is a biscuit.

-"Cake" seems to refer to any sort of sweet, raised pastry (donuts, muffins, etc.)

-they don't use the term "noon" here.

-Most coffee shops offer a "flat white" which, as far as we can tell, is just a latte with less milk.

-People here dislike American football for the same reason most
Americans dislike soccer: they think it's boring

-"Tea time" here doesn't necessarily mean time to drink tea; it seems more to refer to an afternoon snack. Charlotte got a book from the library about a polar bear family and it ends with "mum brought a fish home for tea!".

-News headlines take some getting used to. If a person falls off a
balcony during a party, the headline could be, "PARTY FALL GIRL IN

-Dates are written with the day first, then the month and then the year. I forgot to do this when I applied for Charlotte's daycare and they thought I wanted to begin December 4 and not April 12!

-Ribena is a drink of choice.

-Umbrellas can apparently be called brollies, which is adorable.

-People here think it is amazing (and not in a good way) that most
people in the States are left to pay for their college educations and
health care pretty much on their own.

-There are a lot if stores whose main three products are alcohol,
cigarettes, and fresh fruit.

-"Streaky bacon" is what we would consider bacon. Their standard bacon is flavorless and bland in comparison to what we're used to!


squash=juice from concentrate (you call it this even after it is made)
tank top=vest
hob=stove top
the letter "z"=zed
the letter "h"=haych

This website is a great resource for newcomers to London. I wish I had discovered this earlier:

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