Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

As I write this, I sit on the floor in a gorgeous condo in Miami eating the biscuits I brought to share with the choir.  (I'm still in my pj's and hoping to fall back asleep soon, but I woke up STARVING!)  I'm here until Christmas Eve singing Christmas concerts and a few Messiah concerts.  I already miss Jason and Charlotte terribly, but I'm happy to be back working with friends in Florida!

Thanksgiving is a funny holiday to celebrate in London.  Obviously there are no festivities (decorations, parades, etc.) so we have to make our own.  Since everyone works on the actual day of Thanksgiving, we've decided to celebrate it on the following Saturday instead.  It (as they say in the UK) works a treat!  (Wait, is that what they say?  It sounds odd now that I've typed it . . . ) 

For the second year in a row, we've celebrated Thanksgiving morning with Jason's famous pumpkin pancakes and the lovely Lorriman family (who are expecting a fifth child very soon!).  A great time was had by all and the kids even made us a fantastic "Happy Thanksgiving" banner that I've already rolled and saved to put up again next year!

(Check out last year's Thanksgiving posts here, here and here.)

The rest of the day involved cooking and socialising and watching American football (which Jason rigged so we could watch Thursday's games).  We had a full house of friends and family:  The Hungerfords, my parents, Mary and Emily, Josh and our neighbours Jayne and Patrick from upstairs.  It was Jayne and Patrick's first Thanksgiving dinner and we were happy to share all of the silly traditions with them (homemade "French fried onions" included!).  

Mom came up with the idea of putting flowers in the pumpkins.  They were so fun and festive!

A dirty joke was likely made before this photo was taken . . . 

Jason's plate (complete with homemade challah rolls (thanks, Josh!!)

Dad reenacts his version of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" for a captive audience. 

And then there were Charlotte and Emily.  These two had the best Thanksgiving of their lives.  They did lots of running around, playing with each other's Bitty Babies (Charlie's is the blond and Emily's is the brunette) singing songs together and basically having the time of their lives.  (It is much improved form last year when Emily fell into a vat of turkey fat . . . )  Given their giddy state, they were a bit difficult to capture on film, but I did my best:

As the evening wore down, they decided to climb into Charlie's bed together to snuggle and read books.  It was the sweetest thing ever!!

And then some general silliness ensued:  

And general sleepiness was quick to follow:

All in all, another fantastic UK Thanksgiving!

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