Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Pa and Grandma Barbara

Pa (Jason's dad) and Grandma Barbara (Jason's step-mom) came to visit with their friends Karen and Mark.  They flew in from France where they'd been living it up for the first part of their vacation.  We all had a fantastic time visiting and site-seeing together but I think we all agreed that their visit could have been longer!

Here are a few pics from their visit:

We sneaked a group photo in by using a big (rain spotted) mirror:

Here is a group of Pa and Grandma Barbara with their good friends Karen and Mark:

And a group photo of the Hungerfords on Hungerford Bridge!

One of Charlie's favourite parts of their visit was holding their hands and walking around the city:

We tried to get a good shot of the three of them, but couldn't quite manage:

But we did get a good picture of Jason and his dad in front of the Tower Bridge while we were visiting the Tower of London:

Our last hurrah together was to take a flight on the London Eye.  Jason and I had take a ride on The Eye back in 2007 for our fifth wedding anniversary and we were excited to ride it again.  It was a stunning view at dusk, but it made it a bit difficult to get pictures of people in our pod!

Charlie still talks about them all the time; we can't wait for them to come back!

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