Thursday, 8 November 2012

Bonfire Night 2012

After a fantastic Bonfire Night last year in Blackheath, Jason and I had our expectations pretty high for this year.  We were initially planning on heading back to Blackheath, but then a friend told me that Crystal Palace Park was hosting a fun fair and fireworks.  We were especially wooed by reading about the special "fewer bangs" kid's show at 7pm.  (Unlike Blackheath, they charge £5 for adults but all the proceeds go to charity.)  We decided to give it a try and were so happy we did.  It was a great time and nice to be able to walk home afterwards.  

Here is a little video I took of the main event:

Jason and I agreed that despite being a kid's show, it was one of the best displays we'd ever seen!

Most of the pictures didn't turn out because it was so dark, but at least you can get an idea of what we were up to:

Yes, I know her coat is a bit small.  She now has a new bright green one!

Mama was nice and shared her hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Jason tried to win Charlie a HUGE stuffed animal.
He didn't win, but at least all the proceeds went to charity.  :)

We passed on the fun fair, but you can see some lights and rides in this picture.

Waiting for the fireworks to start.

She gripped Jason's head pretty tightly at times, but overall seemed to really love it!

And for reference, here is a picture of Jason and Charlotte at last year's event.  She's sure grown a lot of hair since then!

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