Thursday, 6 December 2012

Merry and Bright

Jason, Charlie and I got all sorts of festive before I left for Miami.  We turned on the Christmas music, got a tree and I even got a red pedicure (it was actually the most terrifying pedicure of my life, but that's another story . . .).  

Here is Jason with our tree at The Secret Garden Centre here in Crystal Palace.  For the first time EVER we chose one in under 45 minutes!  It was the first one we saw!  It took about thirty seconds for us to choose it.  It was a true Christmas miracle.

And here's my handsome man carrying our prized tree home:

Charlie's favourite part about getting a Christmas tree was that one of her most favourite people in the world, Rob (Emily Bemily's dad), was there.  SHE WAS PUMPED!

There was a brief tree decorating hiatus to head to Build a Bear with the Hallidays.  Charlie chose and outfitted a stuffed dog for Emily for Christmas and Emily made a bear for Charlie.  It was nap time, so Charlie was a bit sleepy and dazed for the whole process:

Turns out she's totally traumatised by the animal stuffing process:

But it wasn't anything a little snuggle from Rob couldn't fix:

Her favourite part of Build a Bear?  "Washing" the dog she made for Emily in the "bath" station.

The rest of the evening was spent napping and then decorating the tree:

Charlie loved unwrapping the ornaments and putting them on the tree.  Here she is trying to show some pretty ornaments (that Grandma Peterka made!) to the camera:

We had a great time decorating, I'm just sad I'm not there to enjoy it!  December 24th can't come soon enough!  Until then, I spend all my free time gazing at pictures like these.  I can't get enough of this kid!

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