Monday, 31 December 2012

Our Baby is Two!

Our Charlotte Loveday is two!

On the day after Christmas, Our Little Loveday turned two.  Jason and I can hardly believe that two years passed so quickly.  She's such a big girl now!  She's using the potty, surprising us with all the words she knows and she's a rockstar at the memory card game on the iPad.  ;)  She's funny, clever and full of surprises.  She's an absolute joy to have in our lives!  

Okay, enough gushiness.  I'll get to the good stuff.  Here are a few pictures of the dollhouse we got her for her birthday:

I got the house itself at the Crystal Palace Christmas Fair (that I was singing at!) and the furniture came from my mom.  She bought a bunch of vintage furniture which I painted to help update it.  (Inspiration from here.)  Charlie absolutely adores it!

Her two favourite things to do with the set is to put the baby on the toilet:

 . . . and to put any of the other dolls in the shower:

I'd like to give the house some better decor.  Mainly, I'd like to add some wall paper and perhaps some new items such as potted plants and rugs, but for now, Charlie likes it just the way it is and that's all that matters! . . . for now . . . 

After the dollhouse and other birthday gifts, we made some birthday pancakes.  Charlotte loves to help cook:

We won't have a cake until her birthday party next weekend, so the pancakes got sprinkles and candles:

We spent the afternoon at the playground and giving her new Balance Bike a test drive:

It was a bit cold and muddy, but we had a great time:

She got more birthday candles when we went out to Pizza at the Palace for dinner:

The staff at Pizza at the Palace are SO great with kids!  In fact, once they found out that it was her birthday, she got a second ice cream with a candle (the first ice cream and babyccino came with her meal) AND a lollipop!  Lucky girl!

She had a fantastic time and was excited to put on matching pyjamas with her doll, Annabelle, for bedtime (thanks Aunt Annie and Uncle Randy!):

Then, before bed, there was more dollhouse playing while singing "Away in a Manger."

"The little Lord Jesus asleep on the PILLOW!"  

Happy birthday to our sweet little girl.  We couldn't love you more!

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