Monday, 20 February 2012

Our New Flat!

living room 

We are so thrilled to finally be in our new flat!  We are absolutely loving it here!!  It is much more spacious, comfortable and charming than our last flat.  We now have a dishwasher (woo hoo!) a microwave and the dryer function on our washer actually works.  We also have much more space than we did in our last flat.  It is so fun watching Charlotte run from room to room!

living room

We have now been here a week and are still settling in.  Most of the rooms are quite liveable, but our bedroom is still full of boxes.  We're slowly getting things put away though.  We've hung a little bit of art, but we are still trying to figure where everything is going to go, so things are certainly not permanent yet.


Another big improvement is that we have lovely neighbours here.  The couple that live above us brought us homemade soup and homemade bread on move-in day.  How sweet is that?!  We've also met a few of the other neighbours (there are five units total) and everyone seems quite nice.


As for the neighbourhood, we're having fun exploring and getting to know the restaurants, pubs and shops.  Charlie has enjoyed exploring the park and I've loved exploring all the antique shops.  In fact, Crystal Palace has a large indoor antiques market three or four times a week that we visited this weekend.  It was a lot of fun!  There is also a huge antiques warehouse that was filled to the brim with stunning old furniture.  I can't wait to go back!

other side of the kitchen

We have a new bed and mattress arriving on Wednesday but we are still in the market for a new dining table.  (You may notice that our previous dining table is now in the kitchen.)  We have a large space in the living room (not pictured) where a proper table is going to go.  We can't wait!

the communal backyard

I will try to be better about blogging now that things are a bit settled.  Sorry for being MIA for a while!  I'll get some Charlie pics posted soon.  


  1. Love the new place. Looks very warming and cozy!

  2. The new flat looks like a great improvement! We just might have to come see it in person. PS Happy anniversary of baptism, Charlie (DAB reminded us).

  3. look at all that SPACE! it's lovely and so bright. congrats!


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