Tuesday, 7 February 2012

More Adventures in Eating

Charlie's first foray into solid foods was on of the most adorable moments of her life.   I still pull up that video every now and then just to laugh at how adorable the whole thing was!  Things have only gotten more fun since then.  

Just the other day, she had her first peanut butter and jelly sandwich!  A true rite of passage for any American born child:

She has also been practicing with utensils an awful lot.  In fact, she barely lets us feed her at all these days.  Thank goodness for these bib/smocks or I would be doing laundry all the time!  (Okay, I still do laundry all the time, but I would be doing it even more if it weren't for those!)

She's also a big fan of peas (sorry, ma):

You can see in the background of the last picture that our house is full of boxes.  Just about everything but the kitchen and a few other odds and ends (or "bits and bobs" as they say here) are left.  Moving day is Monday (when Charlotte is in school), but I hope to have a few more updates before then.  

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