Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Nursery Sitch

Charlotte was only three-and-a-half months old when she started attending The Baby Room in old town Clapham.  The staff is fantastic and Charlotte always seems to have a great time there.  Perhaps it was because she started there when she was just a tiny baby (most kids seem to start around one year) but she seems to have become a staff favourite.  Of course they may give that impression to every family, but we like to believe it's true!

Charlie moves to her new daycare on Monday (more on that below the pics) and was given this sweet book from the staff and her friends at Baby Room.  It has two pages of notes from the caretakers and then quite a few pages of handprints and "notes" from her friends.  Here is a sampling:

Isn't that the sweetest thing?!

When we decided to move to a new neighbourhood, we were conflicted about taking her out of Baby Room.  She has been so happy there and we were nervous about finding another nursery that we would be as happy with.  I was heartbroken when every nursery I toured around our new flat was less than stellar.  After briefly discussing the idea of a nanny or child-minder, we quickly decided that we wanted her in a nursery setting.  We like the social aspect of daycare and we don't have to worry about a single caretaker getting sick or showing up late, etc.  Eventually, we decided to keep her with Baby Room but move her to a location closer to our new flat.  She'll still have to get used to being in a new facility with new staff and new playmates, but we know we like the company and we know that they provide excellent care for our sweet babe so they're worth a bit of extra effort to get to (one of the nurseries in our new neighbourhood is located one street away!).  

We feel good about our choice and were thrilled when we remembered that Charlotte's original caretaker, Grace, was transferred to her new Baby Room.  Another of her favourite caretakers is moving to her new nursery within a week or so as well.  And as it turns out, a number of her caretakers are up for babysitting and don't live too far away from our new flat, so hopefully she'll still get to see some of them!

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