Friday, 24 February 2012

Charlie's Room

Charlie's room was the first room we put together on moving day.  We wanted her to have all her things around her so that she would be happy and comfortable there.  She was most excited to see her counting bird cards and her framed collage of her cousins (that sorely needs to be updated!).  The room still isn't finished (we've only been here a week-and-a-half!) but it is certainly the room that has gotten the most attention!

Here is the view you get when you enter her room:

To the right are enormous windows on which I hung some bunting that we got at the Camden Market last summer:

To the left when you walk in is the big built-in shelving system.  Until I get some storage baskets for the space, it will look a bit sloppy, but it is nice to have everything so organised!

The other half of the storage unit has drawers, cupboards and more shelving.  This setup is really more practical for an office, but we're making it work.  You'll notice we don't have anywhere to hang all of Charlotte's adorable dresses, but I have a plan!  Stay tuned . . . 

I didn't know what to use all this storage for at first (I'm not one to hang onto things that we don't use regularly) until I realised that I could fill it with Charlie's old baby clothes!  They are all separated by size.  (Mary Halliday, are you thoroughly jealous?)

This room, like our other rooms, has enormous ceilings.  There is a particularly sweet detail over the built-ins:

The other side of the room has her changing table/dresser:

I'd like to get a little shelf to hang under her cousin collage to hold lotions, powder, etc.  (The bags on the door are for her cloth diapers nappies.)

Another cool feature of this flat is that most of the windows have shutters on them.  They are a bit bulky to use, but they are so fun and charming!  I've hidden a bunch of Charlie's art projects behind the shutters so that you only see them when they are closed (which we do for nap time and bedtime).  Charlie LOVES seeing them there!

We are really happy with the room and Charlie loves playing in there.  It is a really sweet space for her to grow up in!

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