Thursday, 15 December 2011


Jason and I were skyping when Charlotte randomly started standing on her own over and over.  We were pretty amazed as she has only ever stood on her own very briefly before.  Eventually she stood up and got excited and started clapping.  I took a few screen shots (don't mind the overzealous parents in the background):

We were both so excited!  I said to Jason that if I were there, I bet we could get her to walk between us.  He immediately propped up the iPad and tried to get her to walk to him.  Amazingly, it worked!!!

I just watched my daughter take her first steps from another country.  That is still a bit mind blowing to me.

After she did it once, she did it a bunch more times:

Jason and I were both just laughing the entire time.  We could hardly believe what was happening!  This was our reaction afterwards:

So awesome!  We're so proud of our big girl!  And so thrilled that we were able to experience this together even though we're so far away!!  

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