Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas Time is Here

As happens every year, Jason and I have had a date reserved on iCal to do our "Christmas greening" for months.  Which is to say:  decorating for Christmas is a big deal here at Milton's Manor.  

In years past, we've ventured out to cut down our own tree, but this year that wasn't really a viable option.  Especially when it was so easy to just buy one from the pop-up Christmas tree shop on the high street.  So, last Sunday (as scheduled) we walked out to buy our tree. 

They didn't have too many options, but we managed to find a lovely one.

Just like in an actual Christmas tree lot, they bundled it up for us.  (Luckily they also sold Christmas tree stands, because we didn't have room to pack ours when we moved!)

My big, burly husband carried it all the way back to our flat:

Decorating ensued.  This is what the tree looked like (the next day) once we got it all glitzed up:

You may notice that a special little girl has gotten an early birthday gift.  Isn't that "big red bus" the cutest thing ever?!  She (and every other little kid who comes to play) LOVES it!

But back to your regularly scheduled blogging.  Here is a closeup of the ornaments:

We also hung stockings.  And no, we haven't gotten Charlotte a stocking yet.  We're bad parents.  But it isn't because I haven't been looking for one!  I wanted something similar to the ones Jason and I have been using for the last nine years.  After searching high and low, I've just decided to knit one myself.  She won't have it until next year, but since we aren't even going to be in our flat for Christmas, I figured no one would mind.  I'll promise you a stocking update before next year.  ;)

The top right-hand cubby of our bookcase has a nativity set that my Grandma Peterka painted.  I love it!  She was quite an artist. 

Charlie loves the Christmas decorations and especially loves the tree.  She points at it all the time and asks, "daaaaa?".  It is painfully cute.  She also loves for me to hold her and describe each of the ornaments to her.  Luckily, she hasn't yet tried to get to the tree on her own, although I guess that is only a matter of time . . .

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