Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A Day Off with Charlie

With Bethie out of the country, the steady output of Charlie photos from Milton's Manor is likely to ebb.  I don't have the knack that Bethie has for documenting the babe's goings on, but I did take few photos today (some blurry, but what can you do).

I took the day off of work so that Charlie could spend some time together.  She wasn't quite as eager to get started: she slept until 9:15!

The rest did her well, and she was soon up and in her usual excited mood.

Fortified by banana mush and a bottle of milk... 

...we put on our coats and headed to the Tube.

We took the Northern Line to Stockwell, changed to the Victoria, and set off north to Oxford Circus.  Charlie was very excited to see the shops.

But shopping can be exhausting, and Charlie called it quits in the Selfridges food hall.  How any kid of mine can fall asleep in the Selfridges food hall, I don't know.

While Charlie slept, I pushed her back to the Tube.  We passed roasting chestnuts, but as I had some of these last week in Paris, I did not partake.  I did, however, note that they are only £1 here but 4 Euros in Paris (OK, what is the keystroke for the Euro symbol on a US keyboard?  I think it may be time to invest in a UK keyboard...).

Oxford Street is easy to hate and easy to love.  It's crowded with people wandering in zig-zags on the sidewalk (the part that's easy to hate), but few places feel more quintessentially London.  It's a really tremendous shopping area, too.  I also think it's built in an infinite loop.  I'm not making this up: you'll pass three Uniqlo stores, two H&Ms, and countless Starbucks between Oxford Circus and Bond Street tubes, which are less than a mile apart.

 When we returned home, Charlotte and I had tea.  For C, this meant yogurt.

And some water.

Some other stuff happened, including a great Skype with Bethie and a Chex Mix delivery visit to the Hallidays', but perhaps the only thing requiring a photo was this apparently ownerless pink dog doing its weekly shop at Sainsbury's.

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you got a post up! I LOVE the pics of C!!


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