Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Charlie's Birthday Party

On the day after Christmas, we invited nearly twenty guests from Mount Vernon (and surrounding areas) to Charlie's first birthday party.  Charlotte decided to wear a birthday sash so everyone would know who the birthday girl was:

pictured with her new favourite toys:  cow and camel

Jason made a lovely selection of tea sandwiches and we all drank tea from vintage tea cups.  In an attempt to make things look less Christmasy, I wrapped the Christmas tree up in crepe paper.  I think it is a new birthday tradition:  the Charlie Tree.

The Charlie Tree

We crammed my sister's house full of guests:

my dad, "Dadada"

old friends

The newest addition to the Abbott clan!

Molly and my dad's 96-year-old "girl friend", Marie.
Danny, my sis and Berb

part of the crowd listening to Aunty Katie tell a riveting story

After lots of tea drinking and sandwich eating, we all headed to the kitchen to watch Charlie smash up her smash cake.  Jason made a special UK version for Charlie to destroy:

But, Charlie was too much of a little lady to do much more than poke at it:

It was less of a "smash cake" and more of a "poke cake."  (Note, that most of the frosting missing was from Jason and me!)

She eventually did a bit more cake smashing when we gave her a pretty pink cupcake.  She even ate a little bit of it!

After cake and presents, we did a whole slew of videos for The Marmite Project, so stay posted for those.  (My sister's video was especially amazing . . . )  

All in all, it was a great day!  

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