Thursday, 15 September 2011

Room for Improvement

I can't say I'm loving Charlotte's new sleep schedule: 

-bed around 8pm

-wake for a bottle around 12:30am

-wake for the day around 5:30am

This wouldn't be so bad if I were going to bed when Charlotte goes to bed.  In fact, once you subtract the 30-60 minutes that she is awake for her bottle (curses to my breast milk for not being enough overnight!!) that is an okay night's sleep.  Not decadent, but pretty okay.

The problem is that Jason and I don't get into bed until around 11 every night.  Sometimes earlier, but mostly later.  That means that I'm going to bed around 11pm only to wake up for an hour about two hours later.  Once I'm finally back in bed, I'm up again four or five hours later.  In the pitch black morning.  It isn't my most favourite part of the day . . .

But it wasn't always like this!  Charlotte was getting pretty good about sleeping through the night before she started teething.  Once her (adorable) teeth started popping up her sleeping schedule went to pot.

I try to remind myself that it could always be worse.  (Things could always be worse!)  But I'm hopeful that she'll be sleeping through the night again soon.  In the meantime, she is playing on the floor and playing a 9" cake pan like a drum.  Good thing our walls are pure concrete! 

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