Thursday, 22 September 2011

boring, random, post-baby hair weirdness

One of the many weird things that happens to a woman after giving birth is that she loses A TON of hair about three or four months after giving birth.  For some it comes out in clumps and for some it wouldn't be noticeable if it weren't for what looks like a small, wet rodent in the drain after a bath (sorry for that visual, but you mamas know what I'm talking about here, right?).  For me it was more of a wet rodent experience and frankly, I welcomed the hair loss as my hair tends to be too fluffy to begin with.

Now that I am about nine months post birth, I've noticed that all the hair I lost five months ago is growing back very strangely.  It almost looks like I have short, wispy bangs (or fringe as they call it in the UK).  I took a picture of it for your viewing pleasure:

And for comparison, here I am pre-baby hair:

Fascinating stuff, I know.

Anyone else in this boat?

1 comment:

  1. It's the Mama fringe - you get a massive wave of regrowth after the big post-pregnancy fall.


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