Monday, 5 September 2011

Charlie cut a tooth!!

Okay, total fail here.  We couldn't manage to get a single picture of it!  I realise that she still looks as toothless as the day she was born in this pic, but I swear she has a little nub of a tooth in there!  It is slightly to the left of middle and is mostly covered by her tongue. We'll try to get a better picture as it comes in more.

Though she showed absolutely no crankiness because of the tooth (we just might have the best baby EVER), she did have some sleeplessness at night that I now realise was probably tooth related.  Despite still having some minor sleep issues (shorter naps, waking up more often, etc.) she spent the weekend smiling, nose scrunching and heavy nose breathing (as babies do).  No crankiness whatsoever!

I was mentally prepared for lots of screaming, missed naps, crankiness and general not-awesomeness, but things are going well so far, knock on wood (or as they say here, "touch wood").

Bring on more teeth! 

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