Thursday, 14 April 2011

An Update

Here I sit in an internet cafe catching up on emailing and blogging and life in general. We are without internet in the house until Tuesday which makes emailing, blogging and life in general a bit more difficult. The good news is that I'll have lots of new pics to share once our household is back online!!

Luckily things have slowed down quite a bit in our lives. Work is going well for Jason, Charlotte has started two days a week at a local nursery and I finally have some time to myself to catch up on life and work on getting my career started over here. In addition to brushing up on my audition pieces, I will need to brush up on "I Know that my Redeemer Liveth" as I will be singing it at our local church for Easter! I approached the music director after Mass last Sunday and offered my services (for free as it is our parish church) and that was that! I'm hoping that he might be a good contact moving forward. The church itself is quite lovely:

In other career related news, I will be meeting with a producer this afternoon whom I worked with a number of times while we were in DC. He is American but has lived in London for the last twenty years or so. I'm hoping he will be a good contact here. I will also be tapping my other contacts with London connections to ask for recommendations. I'd love to get singing here in London!

We have also been more social than we expected to be only two weeks in. I've met with a few mums (yes, mums) here and have a few more mummy lunch dates on the schedule. Charlotte and I have also begun to attend our local Gymboree which is helping us to meet other mums as well.

Last weekend was particularly social with a lunch date with a friend of mine who is studying at Cambridge and a dinner date with a new couple, Naina and Josh, that we met through a mutual friend. We have loads in common (we both just completed house renovations, Josh and Jason work in the same kind of law, we both have family in California and Seattle and we all moved from DC to London in the same week!) and were actually introduced by their friends Elizabeth and Jason. Weird. We're looking forward to seeing them again soon. I promise more posts (with pictures!) after we get our internet hooked up.

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