Friday, 8 April 2011

Bath Time!

When we first arrived in London (last week!), Charlotte was having a tough time getting to bed at a decent hour. A mommy friend I met through Netmums suggested developing more of a bedtime ritual might help. We started giving her a nightly bath (instead of a bath every few days at any given hour) and she loves it!

She smiles when she gets in the warm water and patiently lets us clean her. Once she is all clean, we let her play for a while. She flaps her arms and kicks her legs and has a great time.

Sometimes she looks like a dancing leprechaun:

After the bath she gets cuddled up into one of the many towels we were gifted. Last night happened to be a princess towel (thanks Mike!):

By the time we're done, she is nice and sleepy and ready to nurse and fall asleep. This is much improved from her first bath time experience which she screamed her way through:

1 comment:

  1. So cute! It's astonishing how tiny she was and how much she's grown.


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