Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Charlotte's Report Card

Charlotte's nursery provides us with a daily summary of her activities, which as you can see below are mostly limited to intake and output of milk, with the occasional nap.

My favorite thing about these cards is that they tell us how the staff (and, in particular, her caretaker, Grace) engaged her through different activities during the day.

"Playing with her friends" may be a somewhat generous description of what actually went on, but I like knowing she is with the other babies. I'm also glad that she got some time outside in the garden: we're having such a tremendous spring that it would be a shame if she were stuck inside all day!

Speaking of our tremendous spring, after work yesterday I walked the opposite direction from our flat toward Clapham Common, where Bethie and Charlotte were waiting for me. We had no plans or agenda (in fact, I met them at the park because Bethie sent me a text when I was on the train suggesting I meet them there), and we passed a lovely part of an hour watching the sun sink below the treetops. We even had out first "run-into" since we've been here: our new friend, Miranda, was on her way to the neighbourhood Easter fair and just happened to pass by our park bench.

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