Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Happy Four Months, Charlie!

Our Little Loveday is four months old today. Here is a quick list of what she is like these days:
  • She has started to enjoy having books read to her. She'll sit quietly and look at all of the pictures for quite a long time.
  • She has gotten good with using her hands. Just yesterday as she was playing on the ground, she got a stuffed toy laying next to her up onto her chest! Then she (unsuccessfully) tried to eat it.
  • She loves being sung to and will often coo along. She is also extremely vocal in church because of all the music!
  • We have been bad about giving her enough tummy time, so she hasn't rolled over yet, but she is SO CLOSE!
  • She is doing well in daycare and is bonding with her primary caretaker, Grace.
  • She currently has her first cold, but is managing to smile through it.
  • They start infants on solids as early as four months here in the UK, but we will probably wait until she shows some interest. She seems to be getting plenty fat of nutrition from breast milk for the time being.
  • Speaking of being well-fed, she is still wearing many of her 3-6 month size clothes, but a growing number of them are 6 months! Her cloth diapers add some bulk, but she is also just getting big!
  • She has no interest in her pacifier but seems to want to put just about anything else (including her thumb!) in her mouth.
  • She just might be the sweetest baby in the world.

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