Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Happy Easter!

We spent our second Easter in London the way we spent it last year:  church at St Marys and then dinner with Naina and Josh in Wimbledon.  The big difference this year was that Charlie was old enough to get an Easter basket!  I failed to make or get a fun bunny cookie to put in there, so she got a Malt Easter instead (which she loved!).  Here's what else she got:

That would be crayons, alphabet flashcards, two new board books and her chocolate/malt bunny.  She had a lot of fun digging through to see what she got:

The bunny got mixed reviews at first:

The alphabet cards were an immediate hit!

She was a fan of the books too:

unfortunately the only pics of me this Easter were while I was still in my pjs

Jason, a friend and colleague of mine from DC, was staying at Josh and Naina's with his wife and kids, so we got to hang out with them.  We actually met Josh and Naina through Jason and his wife, Elizabeth (nice names, eh?).  I was glad that Jason was in town, because I got to hire him to sing in a quartet at our church for Good Friday!  We sang the Allegri "Miserere" as well as some Victoria and other gems.  It was my music directing debut and I'm happy to say it went pretty smoothly!

Charlie LOVED playing with Jason and Elizabeth's kids Lauren and Patrick.  She had met them when we all went out to pizza on Good Friday and was happy to play with them again on Easter.

She also really took to Jason and his wife:

There was an adorable moment when Charlie climbed onto Elizabeth's lap for a nice long cuddle.  I thought at first that she thought she was cuddling on me, but it turns out there was no confusion:

We didn't end up getting a good shot of Charlie in her Easter outfit, but you can get the idea of the cuteness in this shot:

Can you believe how much she has grown in a year?!

Charlie was too excited to eat much, but she did manage to consume some grapes, cucumbers, cheese and olives:

Then we went in Naina and Josh's back yard for a quick Easter photo shoot in her little lamb jacket:

While the adults ate, Josh and the kids enjoyed some Dora the Explorer:

Okay, Josh didn't actually join them, but those who did watch Dora thoroughly enjoyed it!  Check out those zoned out faces!

All in all it was a great day.  We ate yummy food, got to visit with good friends and Charlie even got to wear toy glasses.  It doesn't get any better than that, folks.  

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