Thursday, 12 April 2012


Charlie, Jason and I are headed to Italy!!  I've timed this to post on the day we arrive.  So imagine us sipping espresso or perhaps eating big bowls of spaghetti while you read this.

I was asked to sing with the English and Italian Lute Societies along with two other sopranos in Vicenza, Italy.  Vicenza is the home of the oldest surviving enclosed theatre in the world, the Teatro Olimpico (built between 1580-1585), and this is where we will be performing.  It is an absolutely stunning, drop dead gorgeous space:

Teatro Olimpico

stage of the Teatro Olimpico
We decided we wanted to stay someplace a bit rural, so we're a bit of a drive from the theatre and rehearsal space.  We found a little cottage on that is on the grounds of this villa that the owners refer to as Il Castello (The Castle):  

We will probably be making day trips to Venice and perhaps other nearby cities, but also plan to explore the smaller villages and enjoy our down time together.

We may have time to post from an internet cafe at some point, but don't worry if you don't hear from us.  We'll be back in a week!


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