Saturday, 19 March 2011

An Update (and gratuitous baby photos)

Life is pretty crazy these days. We are still in our house, but most of the furniture is gone. The amazing new owners of the house purchased quite a few items and are even taking our car and cats (more on that later). We are planning on staying in the house until we sell the bed and then we'll be staying at friend's houses until the big day: March 28.

Jason will be working up until the day we leave and I have been busy with rehearsals and performances. Last night I sang Bach's St. Matthew Passion at the National Cathedral and we have a second performance tonight. Our local classical station, WETA, is going to re-broadcast the concert. The concert I have next week is also at the National Cathedral and will also be broadcast on WETA. I will be sure to post that once I have more info.

Though we had a huge garage sale a few weeks ago, we still have way more stuff than we know what to do with. We are planning another garage sale tomorrow afternoon and will let everyone know that everything will be free after 2:00. We hate the thought of throwing away items that people could use and don't have room in our car to take it all to Goodwill. Hopefully we'll make a few bucks we can use on decorating our new place. Can you believe we made close to $1000 at our last garage sale?! We won't make nearly that much with this one, but we'll have a lot we need to replace once we arrive, so every little bit helps!

Charlotte has been very cheerful and adorable these days. She has been spending a lot of time with Jason while I'm at rehearsals/performances. They go on lots of walks together and spend a lot of time in mutual admiration. It is very sweet.

Charlotte has also spent quite a few days with the nanny of some friends of ours, Conchi. Conchi doesn't speak any English, but we are able to communicate with her in our broken Spanish. I not so secretly wish that Conchi were our nanny. She is super sweet with Charlotte and she is always happy, relaxed and well-fed when I come to pick her up (Charlotte, not Conchi).

Though there is a lot going on these days, Charlotte doesn't seem to mind. She is happy to spend so much time with her mom and dad and other people that love her. (She recently had a nice visit with her Aunt Tara and Uncle Jared, but more on that later.) She is a happy, fun baby and we still get lots of time to enjoy her even during this busy time.

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