Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Our London Flat!

Jason has been in London securing us a flat to live in. We found this one online located in a great neighborhood called Clapham (pronounced "clapum"). With the exception of a dishwasher, this flat had everything on our list:

-close to a tube stop
-short commute for Jason
-safe neighborhood with other young families
-garden flat with a private garden
-two bedrooms
-washing machine
-new kitchen (with a gas range!)
-wood floors
-big, bright living room
-unfurnished (most flats come furnished)

Apparently renting a flat in London is like renting a flat in NYC: if you view a place you like, rent it on the spot or someone else will get it! After seeing this flat in person, Jason liked it well enough to put a deposit down. He gets the keys tomorrow!

Living room (reception room):

Looking through the kitchen window into the living room:


Master bedroom:

Charlotte's room:

Back yard (I have plans of turning this into a flower/veggie garden with a tiny patch of grass for Charlotte to play on):

The outside of the building isn't much to look at (especially compared to the beautiful Victorian era houses across the street!) but we don't mind.

The flat will be especially convenient for us as it has a ground floor entrance from the street. This will make traveling about with Charlotte nice and easy! No big staircase to pull the stroller up!

There are lots of restaurants and shops right outside our door! The most important of which will be our local pub located right across the street:

Guests will have to sleep in the living room, but we promise to have a comfy sofa bed. There is also a toilet on the ground floor (the unit is two stories with bedrooms and a full bath on the top floor). We are only two blocks from the Clapham North tube stop, so it will be nice and convenient for sight seeing. Please come visit!

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