Monday, 21 March 2011

Milton and Cowboy

Jason and I have spent the last six months preparing our cats to immigrate to the UK. There were lots of vet visits and loads of paperwork involved. At one of their more recent vet visits however, we learned that Cowboy's heart murmur had gotten worse. The vet suggested that with his weak heart, the plane flight could cause a problem for him. He didn't say not to travel with them, but it started us talking about what would be in their best interest. We came to the realization that they would probably be happier not having to go through the stress of being in cages for 12+ hours and enduring a long plane flight. We were heartbroken at the thought of leaving them and we would both end up in tears whenever we would try to talk about it.

We had some friends offer to help find them homes, but no one came forward offering to give them permanent homes. We decided we would just take them with us if it came down to it, but we were still holding out hope that we could find a good solution. I mentioned our predicament to the couple that bought our house and they said that they might *might* be able to take them. The thought of them being able to stay in their own home, with their own yard to run around in made us happy beyond belief. It would be the absolute perfect solution! I wrote up this little presentation to help woo them:

Meet Milton:

Milton loves to lounge:

And cuddle:

And roll around being cute:

He also enjoys a good cup of coffee:

Meet Cowboy:

Cowsy loves being outside:

He enjoys long, cute snoozes:

He LOVES playing under the sheets when it's time to make the bed:

He had a thing for martinis early on, but now mostly sticks to water.

If you choose to keep Milton and Cowboy, they will provide the following:

Lots of cuddles for you and for each other:

In fact, they'll cuddle you even when you're not looking your best:

They'll make you laugh:

And they'll be unbearably cute:

Just, FYI. ;)

Amazingly, they agreed to take the cats and seem to be looking forward to getting to know them. In fact, when they were over the other day the woman said to Milton, "I'm going to be your new mommy!". It breaks my heart to think that I will no longer be their mommy, but I know that they will be in excellent hands. The couple that purchased our house is really wonderful and I know that they will provide a happy, loving home for our sweet boys. We hope that they will send us updates now and then. We will miss them so much.

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  1. I want them so much, but Trysten is allergic!! They are too cute, and the pictures are amazing!!


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