Sunday, 16 January 2011

Goodbye Ammee!

We were so lucky to have my mom come and stay with us for the first two-and-a-half weeks of Charlotte's life. She flew out from Seattle earlier than originally expected, after I called to tell her I was in labor. She arrived to the hospital mere minutes after Charlotte's birth.

It was such a treat to have her here! She helped with the cooking, cleaning and would often take care of Charlotte into the wee small hours of the morning so Jason and I could get some sleep! Best of all, though, she was available for lots of cuddle with Charlotte. She also changed A LOT of diapers!

We were surprised how quickly Ammee's visit passed. We all miss her and are looking forward to seeing her again when we visit Seattle in February.

We love you Ammee!


  1. This is my 4th attempt to post a comment - they keep disappearing - this time I'll copy it before I try to post it.
    I miss my Charlotte! She and I spent many late night and early morning hours cuddling on the couch. She is such a sweet and beautiful baby - and I'm not just saying that because I'm her grandma - I didn't even mind changing all those poopie diapers. Bethie and Jason were great hosts and we had such a nice visit - 2 1/2 weeks just flew by!
    Charlie is one lucky baby to have such loving and attentive parents.


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