Saturday, 1 January 2011

Charlotte at Home

Our time with Charlotte at home has been so sweet. We are starting to get into a good schedule of eating and sleeping. Charlotte seems to prefer eating every four hours or so and not every two hours as the hospital recommended. Letting Charlotte have more say in the schedule has made feedings much more pleasant for all involved!

Jason is doing a lot of cooking (he is currently baking a loaf of bread and mixing up a batch of his famous breakfast muffins!) and enjoying sweet naps with Charlotte. He is also working on getting some projects completed around the house.

My mom is in town until January 12. She arrived at the hospital about 10 or 15 minutes after Charlotte's birth after flying standby to get here almost a week before she had originally planned! She has been a huge help to me and Jason. She runs errands, cooks us dinners and takes excellent care of Charlotte. They are having a good time getting to know each other.

Now for the fun part: pictures!

Jason was changing Charlotte's diaper and it was a doozy. He yelled from her room, "can we give her that bath sooner than later?" so I got the water running! Charlotte didn't like it one bit and cried the entire time.

Charlotte spends most of her time sleeping. When she is awake, she is generally eating so we don't have many pictures of her yet with her eyes open. Here are some good pictures of her different snuggle techniques:

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