Thursday, 9 August 2012

An Evening in Three Acts

The Hallidays, once again, invited us over for dinner tonight.  They seem to be very good about taking care of us Hungerfords when we're single parenting . . . or not single parent parenting . . . Okay, truth be told, we just really lucked out when we met them.  

Anyway, they also invited another lovely couple over along with their lovely daughter who was born just about a year before Charlie.  

The evening broke down into three adorable segments . . . three acts, if you will.  The first act I shall call "Fun in the Garden":

The second act I shall call "Water Play" . . . except it was so adorable that I failed to get any pictures of it.  Sorry.

The third act I shall call "Dinner":

 PS:  Babies in laundry baskets:

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