Monday, 2 July 2012

Highlights from Florida:

In spite of the cockroaches and brief ant infestation in my dorm room, I had a fabulous time in Florida!  I ADORE the two ladies who were my roommates at USF and had a great time with new and old friends as well.

While I apparently failed to take any pictures worth sharing (mostly self-portraits for Jason and Charlie!) I did manage to get quite a few of my Seraphic Fire friends to try Marmite for the first time on video, which I have uploaded to my new favourite blog:  The Marmite Project.  (Sorry for that run-on sentence, Barb!)

FYI, my adorable roomies are videos #15 and #11.

Speaking of roomies, here is a picture one of my roomies sent to me just the other day.  This is what the three of us (how did we not get a pic of us together?!) looked like just about the entire time we were together:

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