Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Cute Stuff Charlie Does

First of all, sorry for being MIA for so long.  I returned from my last trip only two weeks ago and I leave again tomorrow for another trip to be a bridesmaid in a dear friend's wedding.  While I'm in DC, I'll also be doing a recording and three church gigs.  It will be a busy week-and-a-half!

But, I digress.  We're here to talk about cute stuff Charlie does, so here goes:

-She loves to sing and often makes up songs as she plays.  She has also started asking for her favourite songs by name:  "eieioooooo," or "row, row, row" or "baa baa."

-We have been attending "Waggle and Hum" at our local library.  I am constantly amazed at how many British nursery rhymes I don't know and how many Charlotte does know!  Every now and then the librarian will start a song and Charlie will get all excited and start doing the hand motions.  Some of her UK favourites are "Wind the Bobbin Up" and "Round and Round the Garden."

-Charlie is super chatty and though most of her words sound pretty American, she has a very, VERY strong accent on words ending in "r" such as "water" and "butter."

-For some unknown reason, Charlie began swapping the "n" sound for an "m" so that a word such as "down" has now become "dowm."  She has also gone from saying, "sit" to saying "shit."  So where before she said, "sit down" she is now saying, "shit damn."

-Charlie is obsessed with her best friend, Emily.  She talks about her quite often during the day and gets SO excited when we actually get to see her!  When it's time to say goodbye, Charlie howls "EMILAAAAH!" and cries big alligator tears.  Sometimes when she is crying for another reason, she'll also start crying out for her friend as well.

-We've been really working with Charlie on identifying colours.  She was recognising yellow months ago but is now very much obsessed with things that are blue.  And according to Charlotte, nearly everything is blue these days.  Colours she used to recognise (a red bus or a yellow sun, for example) are now blue.  If I say, "find something on this page that is green" she can usually do it, but if you ask her what colour something is, it is (nearly) always blue!
(UPDATE:  Charlie just came up to me with two red toys and said, "red."  Then she showed me a green toy and said, "green" followed by a blue toy while saying, "blue."  Looks like she's turned a corner!  Haha!)

-Charlie is very much into imitating us.  She wants to eat what we eat, sit where we sit and do what we do.  An adorable example of this is when she sees Jason doing sit-ups.  She gets on her hands and knees and bobs her head up and down.  It is so cute!

-Charlie adores her baby doll (thanks, Aunt Annie!).  She loves putting her in her little pushchair (thanks, Mary!) and taking her for strolls around the flat.  She also likes to undress her and change her diaper.  When it is time for bed, Baby is one of the things she absolutely needs to have in the cot with her.  

-We've been working a lot on Charlie's counting skills.  We are constantly counting things out loud and apparently it has paid off!  Yesterday I counted up to three and Charlie said, "four!"  Then, later that day, when I counted up to nine, she yelled "TEN!"  I was so proud of her!

And now for a bit 'ol photo dump from the past two weeks:

waiting for her breakfast at school

laughing at herself in the mirror (that will soon go over the kitchen hole)

having a post-bath colouring session

more colouring

We had an actor/singer/music director friend over for brunch.  He was very good at reading stories!

Jason made homemade donuts (and quiche!) for our brunch.  I must have gained at least five pounds within a three hour time span.

Someone loves her Oatabix.

waving goodbye to Papi from the front window  (Can you see Jason?)

parting is such sweet sorrow 

Jason and I went out on a date to see the play War Horse and then out to dinner as a late Father's Day/early birthday treat (since I was gone/will be gone for both).

Jason took this of Charlotte all dressed up for church while I was in Florida.  I was scanning the pics he took while I was gone and couldn't resist posting this one! 

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  1. Jason learned his colors because of M&M's. If he missed the color, we got to eat the candy; the correct ones, Jason got to eat.


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