Monday, 4 February 2013

Two-Year-Old Portraits

It turns out that our downstairs neighbour is a photographer!  She used to work as a children's photographer in her native Australia, but hasn't done much of it since arriving to London.  She asked if she might take some pictures of Charlie to get back into the swing of things.  I enthusiastically agreed!  

I love that the pictures are all natural and unposed.  Rebecca put both me and Charlie at ease and you can definitely see the result of that in the pictures.  Because it was so relaxed, Charlie had an absolute blast on the shoot!  She didn't want Rebecca to leave!  It was particularly special to have Rebecca in our home to take the pictures (as opposed to as studio).  As a result, we got some really sweet pictures of Charlie doing what she does best:  playing and being absolutely adorable.

Click here for a link to Rebecca's Facebook page or give her a call at 7447 456205.  I highly recommend her and her work!

And some unedited ones:


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