Sunday, 7 October 2012


When Jason and I decided to plan our first official family holiday together, we decided it should be be somewhere warm and somewhere with a beach.  There are loads of easy options in Europe for such a vacation when you live in London (Greece, Spain, Portugal, the south of France, etc.) but with a little research we learned that all of the obvious places wouldn't be quite as warm as we were hoping for this time of year.  Some stewards on a recent flight Jason took recommended we look into Morocco and we were totally sold!  

When we were childless, our vacations were not unlike a trip we took to Costa Rica where we rented a car and drove eight hours through the rainforest to get to a secluded house on a beach.  Then there was our trip to Barbados where we hired some locals to teach us to surf, rode the local bus routes and ate at a tucked-away restaurant that was a favourite of the locals.  

Needless to say, our previous trips were not particularly child-friendly.  This time around, we decided to go with Club Med in Agadir, Morocco.  I'll do an entirely separate post about the facilities there, but they were extremely child-friendly!  They also had a nursery service that we took advantage of so that Jason and I could spend some time together lounging by the pool while Charlie socialised with kids from around the world (okay, mostly from France).  She was also able to take her nap there so that Jason and I weren't stuck indoors for two hours in the middle of the day.  We would pick her up after naptime and play by the pool or on the beach until dinner.  It was pretty perfect.  We all feel relaxed, rested and ridiculously well-fed.   

We didn't stress ourselves out by taking too many pictures with the nice camera as we wanted to focus on being in the moment as much as we could.  We did manage to snap quite a few moments with our iPhones though.  Here are some of our favourites (made prettier with some Instagram filters!):

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